Monday, March 18, 2013


Trust says Ayuna
you’ve shot the rapids
found the tongue of the current
rode it expertly
your weighty, humbled, grounded, solid stillness
was the ballast of the boat

The resistance of the years approaching 12/12/12
glaciered ice layers of resistance to what’s coming
the freeze is over and now the sun’s begun
the slow melting release of worry
the great breaking off of frozen chunks of fear
to join the rush of water
in river’s white path
will find the lowest common denominator

Trust in that melt
in that moment
in the shifting that’s beyond
human prayers, touch, consciousness or control

Trust only simply in the fact
of its force, its flow, its “on”
and baby you’re either in it
or you’re left behind in the eddies
watching from the bouldered bank
wondering “what’d I miss?”

Trust in the boat
canoe, kayak, raft or leaf
that carries the weightlessness
of hope

burdens shed
sorrows sunk
stones to the bottom
raising the water’s edge
and adding to the rush, rush, rush of life’s blood pouring through river’s veins all over this blue planet

Trust in the great cosmic flush
the spiraling of humanity’s short historic crap
treating the ocean as our toilet
crucified fish laced with heavy metals
the innocent carrying the deposits of our legacy

Hear the guitar’s peal, the thunderdrums crash, the electronic wailing
to the end of man
for the end of the age of man
hearkens the new beginning
of the age of turning
turning turning turning trusting

Trust in the prayers
of the birds
of the frogs
of the forest
of the stones

Trust in the prayers
of children too young to speak
of aged ones too old to remember
of the beasts we keep to eat

Trust in the prayers
of angels silent song
of saints’ holy tears
of Christ’s blood flowing in the streets

flowing in spring’s thaw
in the welcoming rush
of sun’s fingers massaging snow banks into
the inevitable run of life chasing hope
the tear-fuelled vision of
the once and future spring 

Sap is dripping at 3 bros falls
March 6, 2013

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Brenda Peddigrew said...

Glad to see this in your blog, Allan. It is a universal teaching on jumping with held breath into life's unavoidable reality... Brenda