Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The world to come
was just begun
There - while you blinked
Do you think?

In every moment
a savior window opens
for a chance to see

We’re speeding in a car
within an illusion of stillness
Inside this bubble it’s all about me
– where I’m going, doing, screwing it down

But if I stick my head out the window like Jake the dog
Eyelids pushed wide by the force
Ears silenced by the whistle and rush
grinning tongue hanging out to lick the future coming fast

My own first second gets split infinite
And poor brain - calculating, separating, masturbating
– gets left in the dust
As wonder (that part kept tucked deep inside for holy moments)
gets sucked outside and expands in a flash
to take it all-in-all in

Once wonder’s freed – of course it won’t stop there
Before I know it – can slow it
the earth is swallowed whole
and sun gets snorted in with all the rest of the stars
until time bends in and…

From the seed’s spark in the womb of beginning
The bang, the big one, ejaculates us, you/me/now/then/when – the time to come was just begun
And god’s groan of pleasure is neverending.

December 13, 2011
269 Rubidge st.
reading Kaballah and John 1

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