Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter beginings in the Garden

roots slumbering
still like sleeping sages under snow
in stone hard ground they wait and dream
of summer days gone
and the rebirth of green shoots
old ideas tested once again
as this generation gets “it” right

last year’s flower stalks stand tall in the bristling wind
they are testaments
like empty churches
to the days of beauty gone
when bugs and birds and watchers fed on their ripe glory
when the web of life spun wind and water, earth and sun
and the stars roamed connecting the dots of life’s perfect moments
making the heavens ring with a true sustaining song
filling gaps between eternal beats of love, love, love, love

now all is silent except the howls in the wind
ripping courage from our grasp like the last stubborn dead leaves
reminding us of the poverty of this world’s lasting fears
as the cold makes us withdraw and huddle
around the false heat of golden fires
investment portfolios to keep us warm

while the tilting globe spills our mistakes south
“we” forget another round of wasted possibilities
while “they” sweep them under the carpet of want
the heavy wall to wall lie that beggars can’t be choosers

All that is needed
is in the garden waiting
the old is composting
the soil resting like cooks before the next feeding

While the sun’s attention is drawn elsewhere
dreams emerge in long dark nights
where yesterday’s haunting despair
mixes with ancient callings
to once again mount an offensive on greed’s
claim to more than what god’s gaia garden grows

and in the wind
there flies a seed
one tiny perfect idea
a poppyseed
the size of a twinkling star to follow
destined for this place
this next season
searching for this bed
where a sensual ripe abundance
of fecund enduring hope awaits
Winter Solstice 2014
Reverend Alleycat

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