Monday, November 18, 2013

Remembering to Forget

why are we always in a hurry for what’s next…
it’s gotta be better than where we are now…
finish off that peanut butter jar
taste the satisfaction of an ending
an ending
before the next beginning

that place at the end of the road
that place where the story unravels
where the plot
having thickened in the middle
then stretched thin with the heightened expectation of a climax
ends with a groan
some great satisfaction
a settling back into
the equilibrium
the lowest common denominator
the pond of forgetting
the place of un-doing
the ground of all being

where I am
and we are
together with the warm heartbeats
of those hidden in the woods
in the tall grasses
in the branches
together we drum the wonder of god’s heartbeat

and in the place between beats
in the silence
in the milli-moment…

you release your breath
and the wind stills
for the veil to part
and eternity pours into the empty vessel of our soul
exploding it into a thousand billion particles
of the pure essence
of divinity’s calling

your exploded soul
comes into Christ consciousness
where the Bhudda laughs with a child’s delight
and the diverse unity of all that is and ever was
is the Brahma’s one
where we meet
with all our relations
at the bedrock table
of this beginning
at the end
I’m rushing to find

reach out will you?
touch me with your true word
hold me with your thought
tell me what I’ve forgotten
the smell
the taste
the sound of your breath’s hope
will squeeze me into this moment
where nestled together in god’s breast pocket
between god’s heartbeats
between the last and the next
we will forget
knowing peace
and for all

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