Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is your Hope?

I hope the Maker takes the total sum of my love
all the sunsets and sunrises
all the kisses and caresses
all the graces given and received
every single breathless moment that couldn’t last
distilled into this one wise wish

Take all that love summed up
and divide it into a zillion bits
and send that love on angel wings
to those who need it most  today

Whoever’s lost hope
whoever’s lost love
whoever’s looking

Send it where there’s hurt
and pain too great to bear
Send it where there’s hate
and envy’s bitter sting.

Where fear eats away
the soul that satisfies.
Where blindness keeps
the slave from risking freedom.
Where greed sucks power, priviledge and pride
into the black hole’s ever-hungry abyss

give just the tiniest bit
to transform those who think they need so much more
and give most of it
to them that want so little

What would I do with all that love
now that I’m done doing?
What would I keep for me
now that all my weighty worries
have turned to smoke?

When “I” am no longer me
When I can no longer hold and show and tell what’s mine
then take what’s made me strong
what’s healed me, taught me, caught me
and pass it on

Lord knows where.
That’s good enough for me.
I don’t need no heaven now,
cause I’ve known it all along
but only finally seen
that it’s in the giving
where we get all we need
at last

June 29, 2013
from Mark’s visit about his wife Laura

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