Friday, May 6, 2011

If my whole life were just one day

I spent the morning getting ready
tying my shoes and washing my face

by lunch I’m so full of my self
that the afternoon is spent running errands
finding a mate, raising kids, fixing this, buying that,

most of it wasted procrastifrigginating
and just before it’s too late
I get down to why I’m here

at dinner I sit with everyone
who woke me
who worked me
who let me be
and listen carefully finally

dusk is my time to tell
and I’ll sing and dance the sun to rest

by nightfall you’ll find me a holy nuisance
tormenting the proud and polite with mercy

ringing up debts that only one could pay
until I fall asleep alone in his arms.


JD said...

Love it!
Thanks Alleycat

JD said...

Amazing poem!
I took the liberty of grafting it into a blog entry if my own and only after posting it did I think to ask for your permission.
Can I have your permission? Currently it's on display as today's entry on and I can pull before the mighty host of readers, all 4 of them, get a chance to see it.
Hope this note finds you well. If your writing were the measure you are doing real well! J