Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A lot

The following poem sums up my life experience over the last two years.

It’s better to be loved
than not
   - a lot

Thanks for this poem goes to all who have loved me and to those who have not.

I also spewed out a Good Friday poem for this year as has been my custom lately. Good Friday is my favourite day in the Christian calendar. It is the one day when we can express the failure of the Christian enterprise. In the face of power, greed, and those who wield fear – our hope is lost. Cynicism and despair are appropriate. There is a huge part of my heart that lives in Good Friday.

Would Jesus really appreciate it?
the way we’re so consumed by his death
same old story sold again and again

Is it really the best one we’ve got?
Christmas is so cute and cuddly
but Easter’s pretty ugly this side of the tomb

We grow up too fast
to see just how life and death
are a little too close for comfort
children don’t know it’s not polite to stare
at the blood, sweat, and tears of our fears

So we keep it to ourselves
how little we know
about what’s true
and what’s the same old line
‘bout duty blood and suffering
to win the peace for
the sacred line of soldiers’s children
waiting for the mall to open

We meet the needs of a hungry purpose
Self perpetuating
Atoning for the sin that never ends
but missing the point

Say goodbye to the passive aggressive ego
dead at last
hopefully not forgotten
Lest i resurrect
the 7 demons
in that one moment; at-one-ment

thanks to Richard Choe for the photos

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