Friday, September 17, 2010

Prayer for my son

Being a father is the most profound experience of my life.
It changed me and changes me continually.
It challenges me daily to be a better man.
Fourteen years ago i was loaned a son.
We named him and got to know him day by day.
Today we celebrate who he is and is becoming.

My prayer for a young man named David Maxwell Reeve

You are GOD’s beloved.
Full of well-being
and a sacred Authority

May you swim and swim and swim
Strong like the salmon.

May you fly and fly and fly
High like the Hawk

May you walk through forest dark
Unafraid like a grizzly bear

May you buzz like a bumblebee
Making honey with your laughter

May I always see
the funny and tender boy
as you become the strong and true man
The MAKER has sent you to be

With endless love
From seed to branch to fruit
‘til new beginning’s end
You are my son

September 17, 2010
Father allan

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MM said...

Alla, I would like to use this poem at the baptism I am presiding at on Sunday and I would like to your opening comment and the poem on Father's Day, maybe Mother's Day too.