Thursday, April 1, 2010

Will I Sacrafice

The heart of Easter’s passion play
Is spoken in garden green
“Your will – not mine”
the cost of earth’s eternal hope

Drops of sweated blood
-spawned by the black & white battle-plant microcosmic universes
where they land.

GOD’s will is what’s best in me
the source of what I will become
-would I always listen to Vanier’s true self

Jesus betrayed.
Have you been betrayed?
Been the one to betray?
Have you ever betrayed your self?

Vern asks me how our nice safe sanctuary cross
helps them that’s dying alone in hospital and street?

What’s the point of suffering?
-tells me of sitting with his suffering mother
how a prescribed painkiller killed her
blessed ending.

How can we begin again before we come to the end?

So THE Question is…
Is GOD really so greedy a puppetmaster prick
to make Jesus dance the Holy Week horror
to cause the innocent ones to suffer
pain as PAYMENT?


Is there a design at work
to draw sleeping courage from our bones
to face the worst and take the next
fearful step into chaos
for the sake of creating, sustaining, redeeming love?

The will in me that would run, forget, deny
is in Christ’s blood washed.
We turn redeemed
against “common” sense
for “christ’s” foolish sake
to take today our first step back
alone together
towards our garden home.

Y_ _ R will
-not the one I picked up at the mall-
but the will seeded in every holy mother’s womb
Y_ _ R will is my one true WILL
at every dusk
at every dawn…