Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moon Dream

I had a dream last night under the effects of the full harvest moon.

I was with GOD.
SHE was beautiful and young.
HER eyes smiled
and waited for me to notice.

Behind HER stood a glade.
Sun played through the trees among tall wildflowers.
I saw that SHE had coaxed them all into being.
Many and varied. Uniquely precious each one.

And I noticed that each flower was a whole world.
That my world was simply one of GOD’s wild flowers
among so many unique and precious worlds
of this universe i mine.

HER smile grew a little wider
watching me fill up with wonder.
And then I saw that now
every flower, each petal, held a universe of HERS

SHE offered her hand to me
I took it and held it gently
SHE took pleasure in my pleasure
as I kissed the fingers that would MAKE me whole.

What sacrilege? to be making love to my CREATOR!
But SHE took the horror of it away before it could touch my heart.
-was inviting me closer and closer.
She wanted me,
was willing,
to have me become ONE
was her desire
as partner, as MAKER, as friend.

The impossibility of making love to the MOON
Crept in and tore me from perfection’s embrace
I was awake alone with my hopes
The kiss of vision still fresh
HER LIGHT hand resting upon me.

When next I woke in the dark morning
SHE was with me still.

As I sought to drop back down
Away from busy thoughts
HER sigh was in the trees
And I felt a leaf of mine - let go
A silent breeze of joy lifted me up
To meet this day of wonder.

HER smile was mine.

May the leaves you let go today
Carpet the earth
Until SHE coaxes wild flowers from them
The new world you dream up this winter.

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Leadership_Coach said...

Amazing! I love your poetic reflection. Thank you for posting this one!!