Friday, August 8, 2008

if Reason is a Boat

if Reason is a boat
sometimes you gotta jump out and swim

or maybe you’re gonna walk on water?
and if you do
there ain’t no reason why
just something to try

The church is afloat
upon great pontoons of reasons why
we should/could/would believe
but don’t/won’t/can’t behave

if Reason is a boat
sometimes you just gotta jump out and swim

why not get wet
strip down near naked
and splash around til you’re cool with it
inner tubes allowed but better if you just float

don’t float?
sink like a rock like me?
maybe you belong on the bottom
immersed in the womb once more – if only for a moment

if Reason is a boat
sometimes you just gotta jump out and …

August long wknd 08


corrie said...

I have to read this a lot more before I get "it", and somewhere in my mind I believe I've been there before. Call me confusius right now. Thanks for this blog

Joan said...

Allan, this sounds like a song - with a refrain, no less, and deserves music.

the point is clear to me, and you've already jumped that particular ship.

On the other hand (from one who did it also) - always good to have both hands to swim with!

PS: no idea why this is coming from Joan - it's brenda who is responding....