Monday, August 25, 2008

Endless orgasms

Today Carol and I mark another anniversary. Another year since the day when we chose to share with family and friends a simple, wonderfilled fact. That we had entered into eternity’s flow together. The joy we’d found in one another was a sweeping, surging, heartpounding passion that took us away from today and into a timeless place. We felt we’d always known one another and that we always would.

The sun comes up and shows me the first leaves to fall from summer trees. Today is the bridge we stand on. The moment from where we look down river at the flow of life that has been ours. Memories stretch out every year a little further. Waves of victories and happy ripples and untold undercurrents. Over rocks and hazards between the shores of plenty and want. Sweet silent hours spent sleeping, inhaling the same scents. Watching, working, washing children and clothes and dishes and floors in the endless flow of chores and charity and bills and taxes.

This bridge of today is the span between sunrise and sunset. We walk it each day with the people on our path. Death is always just a sidestep away – into the drink - whether we acknowledge it or not. Every moment of every day. Usually our minds are swept along in the flow of time under the bridge. But every once in a while – we notice – we see that we stand out of the flow, above it, in today’s momentary living.

New hours keep flowing our way. They come from around a bend and we can’t see what’s coming but it seems a neverending source. Until, one moment of one day, we drop from the bridge and are swept down river to the place where memories go.

The flow between what was and what will be is ceaseless. The river of life carries on quickly not stopping for the splash of death. There is no end to life’s continuous flow. We leave behind the people of today to join the ageless souls in the neverending flow of time.

Where do we go? Is heaven a vast ocean of time where souls circulate forever. Are some sucked up into clouds only to be dropped back down onto hills and plains to begin to flow again?

I hope to be swept far from all of our todays. The harsh and happy sunlit pursuits of people crossing the bridge I will not miss. I hope to be caught up in the timeless surge of a river that is love, hope, and faith. It flows without trouble or worry. Just flows because that is what time does. And being “of” time now I am no longer concerned about it. A drop of blood doesn’t worry if it’ll make it to the heart again. It just flows.

We belong there in the circulatory system of the Creator. Carol and I and all of our kin are there in the river as one body. We don’t think. We know. We flow. Pure joy, pure being. Tremendous energy and power sweeping millenniums along in the current beneath today’s moments. Endless orgasms of eternal love. We are of the essence of life. Beginnings without end.


corrie said...

Hi Allan,

It makes me wonder, do we ever come up for air? I guess prayer gives us time out, renewal for body and spirit. Thanks for this wonderful way of putting this together.

brenda said...

Well, Allan, you are always a good surprise. There is an ecstasy in what you are writing that I hope you are not only aspiring to, but have tasted, at least a few times in your life. What an expansive sense of anniversary romance. The true one, I believe.

Congratulations to you both. Something like this is very hard won, and all the more for it.