Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Fate of Flakes

If each snowflake’s fall is a lifetime,
death waiting patiently below,
then God’s wind takes us off course
for just a flurry of purpose.
Or, rescues us from a branch where we’ve settled
and breathes into us one more little stretch of time.

Hard to see why
from a snowflakes vantage point.
But God knows
and can even lift flakes from death
and send them spinning around again in a mighty whirlwind.
A storm can blow a whole generation into a new place.
How exciting to be caught in such a wind
to spin and spend a little extra time
going sideways instead of down
just because God whims it or wills it.

1 comment:

Steve IT said...

Re poll question...
Given the 2 choices, which seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, after some considerable consideration, it would be interesting to see the results after adding 2 more choices...c) All of the above, and d) None of the above (which I could argue for both sides).
How's that for sitting on the fence?!?